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My name is Anthony. I am a doctorally trained therapist and consultant. I work with couples and families in crisis around issues of Pornography, Infidelity, and Betrayal.

My expertise is in helping clients develop emotional awareness & self-regulation skills, which includes reducing dependency on people, substances, and / or unhealthy behaviors. 

I specialize in three areas:

1) Couples who have experienced infidelity, pornography addiction, or betrayal

2) Couples where one or both spouses struggle with avoiding and withholding emotional connection

3) Couples where one or both spouses struggle with relationship anxiety and fluctuating emotions 

My work is 100% remote and done over either secure video or telephone.  I work with clients domestically and internationally. As such, I am not licensed. My work is consultative in nature and my approach is educational and focused on the present and future. 

There is hope! Clarity will rise from chaos

Looking forward to talking with you. 

 - Anthony


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